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Adam Ferrari, Founder of Ferrari Energy, Answers: Are These 4 Mistakes Making You Appear Unprofessional as a Remote Worker?

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Working from home can be great- no more battling rush hour traffic twice a day, and enjoying flexible scheduling is a relief for many. However, employees need to be aware that extra caution should be taken to make sure that your superior sees you as responsible, organized, and hard-working when working from home.

Adam Ferrari, founder and CEO of Ferrari Energy, a mineral acquisition company, says that for managers and bosses, perception, visible work ethic, and professional appearance are keys to acknowledging successful employees working remotely. Entrepreneur Adam Ferrari dives deeper into the mistakes remote workers can make that set them up for failure when managing their work from home, and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1: Not communicating work progression with superiors

When working from home, no one other than yourself is seeing your work progression. One of the most detrimental things you could do as a remote worker is not communicating your work progression with managers or supervisors. Even if you are on top of your work, a lack of communication can force superiors to go out of their way to ask for an update. Avoid unnecessary micromanaging by always keeping your manager in the know about your productivity, and never hesitate to take ownership of your hard work.

Mistake #2: Lack of activity on the computer

Another mistake remote workers make when it comes to being alone at home with no visible management is being inactive on the computer. If your laptop is connected to your corporate network in any fashion, most likely, your superiors monitor your activity throughout the day to make sure you are working. Actively engage while utilizing other communicative technology programs that recognize inactivity, such as Zoom. Communicate to management any outside factors that might contribute to your lack of activity, such as a doctor’s appointment or feeling ill.

Mistake #3: Skipping breaks

Choosing to work for hours and hours without stopping for a break can negatively impact your work effectiveness and efficiency. The key to productivity while working from home is to take breaks throughout the day. Allowing your eyes to focus on something besides a computer screen helps decrease headaches and fatigue. During your breaks, let your mind wander to something other than work, and then bring yourself back through self-reflection to refocus on the task at hand.

Mistake #4: Not setting up an office area

Working in an office area that sets your work ethic up for success is everything when tackling your job from home. A good work setting often consists of a comfortable desk and chair, smooth functioning computer or laptop, office supplies such as pen and paper, storage, and the right lighting. Amazon and Ikea are two great companies that offer affordable office set-ups. Providing yourself with a designated workstation at home will help you avoid distractions.

About Adam Ferrari

Adam Ferrari originally trained to become a chemical engineer, eventually completing his degree Magna Cum Laude. After gaining experience in both energy and finance, he decided to launch Ferrari Energy, a private mineral acquisition company, from the ground up. Adam Ferrari was intent on using Ferrari Energy to help educate mineral owners on how to manage their assets. With close ties to the community, Ferrari made it a priority to support various organizations, including Denver Rescue Mission and Next Steps of Chicago.