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Adam Ferrari Gives the Top 8 Things to do For Oil and Gas Leasing

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When bringing oil and gas reserves to market, oil companies can leased minerals through an Oil and Gas Lease, commonly referred to as an OGL. They aim to get huge profits, but you must do something about it. No one wants to lose money when they can get profits for selling oil and gas.

In the following write-up, Adam Ferrari gives eight essential tips to ensure that many mineral owners looking to lease their mineral rights increases their potential advantages and profits from the transaction.


In many oils as well as gas leases, several members of your family are likely involved. Reach out to everyone you can think of. Once you have identified who is involved, you can come up with a more cohesive strategy when you have to negotiate with any oil company. You must speak as one voice to a perfect extent that you can.


You have the authority to demand a separation between oil and gas leases if you need separate tracts. It will reduce the potential complications because the development and separation process between oil and gas is quite a dynamic process, which will change over the years.

Many companies can fool you by not offering such a service to you. Also, many people are unaware of the separation process of leases between oil and gas.

They do not know whether they can ask for it or not. But now, the decision is completely yours. You have to research your rights well and determine what you can ask for. No one can neglect you providing anything that is listed in the terms.


You will need to consolidate all the important documents regarding both minerals, as well as, surface ownership. You must review them well. Everything should be mentioned in it. This could include all the trust deeds, maps, contracts, history leases, ratifications, etc., anything you can think of.

It will save too much time later in the long haul and leave you prepared for dealing with all the questions. After going through the documents, you can ask for legal and not available. There is a possibility of getting all the things mentioned in the documents will become true.


There are several types of individuals that could contact you. It can be a leasing broker or an agent, who is independent of any oil company. He has been hired to work on their behalf, an oil company’s employee, or any middleman who is looking for flipping the land to earn profits.

You must have the entire information of the person who has contacted you so that you can take action on him. You must ask for the identity or person’s name to confirm his identity whenever asked.


Once you have determined who exactly contacted you, it is time to get knowledge about their background. You must look for various questions and start taking notes about them. Consider queries like: What oil company are they representing?

Are there any articles from local newspapers about drilling activity near any property? What is the geologic formation of drilled land? These are necessary questions to answer as you move through the process. Before any action, you must know about the company very well. You never know whether it can harm you in any way or not.


Not every well is well created. You can visit the State Regulatory Agency website to find information like new producing wells in that location, operators working there, drilling permits, etc. You must check whether any land is suitable to dig in or not. For such a task, you may need various permits and permissions from the government.

It is difficult to choose any location and start doing your work without even asking anything from anyone. You should not be a part of the illegal things happening in your city. Therefore, you must research the surrounding land very well.


As in any negotiating situation, it is vital to be courteous and practice integrity. If you can, meet the individual in person. Remember one thing that all parties must agree on terms if you need to reap the economic benefits you are searching for.

In this way, you can do all your work respectfully. All the parties must be satisfied with your decision, and only then you will get respect from them. If you go against any party, then you will have to suffer a lot. You have to convince all the parties to be with you and support you in any situation.


If the size of the deal is especially significant, you might need to shift the ownership of the mineral into a new and unknown entity before it enters into the lease. It will be more profitable for you. If possible, you can develop a new entity in which certain risks can be mitigated during the negotiations.


Adam Ferrari is a popular personality, known as a chemical engineer, and Ferrari energy’s founder. He suggested some essential things about oil and gas leasing, which are crucial to determining to get profits in the future. People those are unaware of things as mentioned earlier are suffering huge loss while leasing their oil, as well as, gas.

If you get a leasing offer for your mineral rights, you should follow the guidelines outlined above. Be patient and courteous throughout the process; these negotiations take time. Being the mineral rights’ owner, you have the charge of taking decisions. You must take enough time to achieve the best deal that you deserve!

You should all the things said by Adam Ferrari and make the deal what is best for you. There is a significant possibility that you may get trapped and you do not determine what you should do in the case of leasing.

Therefore, you have to understand the terms and do things that go well for you. Do not rush while deciding anything. After all, you also need to be in a profitable state. Therefore, take enough time and decide wisely.