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CEO of Ferrari Energy Adam Ferrari Discusses How to Sell Yourself and Make a Positive Impression

Unless you’re a professional athlete, entertainer, or public figure you may not have an agent advocating on your behalf. As such, it falls upon your shoulders to promote your best qualities and make a positive impression on prospective employers, clients, as well as your overall social group. First impressions are crucial to developing and maintaining your personal brand, especially since the initial imprint you leave on others is difficult to shake afterward. According to Adam Ferrari, the entrepreneur behind the mineral acquisitions company Ferrari Energy, you need to take an active approach when it comes to the public’s perception of you.


Below, Mr. Ferrari provides a few suggestions to help exhibit your best side:



People will react to the energy you exude. From the moment you enter a room, let others see how happy you are to be present and share time with them. Greet each person with a level of enthusiasm that you would show towards a friend you haven’t seen in ages. Exercise professionalism, of course. This behavior generates a contagious warmth, encourages smiles, relaxation, and in itself, is a simple icebreaker that’s easy to implement in any social setting.



It’s easy to succumb to nerves and fall back on a tried and true script, but the generic questions and responses that you have rehearsed so well may appear disingenuous. While it’s important to perfect an elevator pitch, especially if you’re an entrepreneur, focus on creating personable moments with people. Show interest in the individuals you meet by asking questions about their background. If your audience is struggling to open up, embrace a healthy dose of transparency via storytelling. Sharing an amusing anecdote that reveals a personal interest or passion of yours can go a long way.



There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is a healthy attribute and attracts positive attention, whereas overcompensation is often construed as cocky. To avoid the latter, concentrate on marching to the beat of your drum without the detriment of others. Build self-awareness through reflection and implement a plan to improve any undesirable characteristics or faults. Investing in a professional wardrobe that you feel comfortable in is a terrific confidence booster and an opportunity to show off your personality.


Body Language

Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. While there’s nothing we can do about genetics, take pride in your body, and care for it with proper nutrition and exercise. A healthy lifestyle requires perseverance and will not go unnoticed. And of course, work on your posture. Avoid slouching since it projects disinterest, maintain eye contact, and yes, give a firm handshake. According to Professor Albert Mehrabian’s 7-38-55 Rule of Personal Communication, 93 percent of communication is non-verbal.



Whether an interview, sales pitch, or networking happy hour, each party enters the arrangement with pre-fixed notions of one another and desired outcomes. To ensure a positive exchange, let the genuine human connection be your currency. For in a world that is continuously fighting for our attention, meaningful face-to-face interactions cultivated with enthusiasm, authenticity, and confidence will set you apart during first impressions and lead to fantastic opportunities.


About Adam Ferrari:

Adam Ferrari is the founder of the Denver-based mineral acquisitions company Ferrari Energy. He is a chemical engineer by degree and is an accomplished petroleum engineer by profession. He also has experience in the financial sector through his work at an investment banking firm. Under his leadership, his company supported organizations including; St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Freedom Service Dogs, Denver Rescue Mission, Coats for Colorado, and Next Steps of Chicago.