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Ferrari Energy CEO, Adam Ferrari Discusses the Importance of Good Business Communication Skills

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Every great leader can attest to the importance of quality communication skills. In today’s business world, no matter what position you hold, precise speaking and writing skills are a must. Clear communication fills a workplace with productivity and innovation rather than frustration and negativity.

Adam Ferrari, an entrepreneur and business leader, started out obtaining an education in chemical engineering and found his way into the profession of petroleum engineering. He then developed his company, Ferrari Energy. Ferrari says having passion behind what he does enhances his desire to maintain excellent communication skills.

While running Ferrari Energy, Mr. Ferrari shifted his perspective to work directly with people on a personal level. He emphasizes the significance of meaningful face-to-face interactions in a world that is so digitally focused and, at times, seemingly removed. Here, Adam Ferrari shares a list of the best methods for business communication:

  1. Start with listening

Quality communication skills start with your ears, not your mouth. Listen to make the other individual you are speaking with feel valued and heard and strive to fully grasp what the person is trying to communicate to you. You will increase your active listening skills if you listen to understand rather than listening to respond. When business professionals listen to respond, they often are too busy thinking about the best reply rather than grasping every concept presented.

  1. Pay attention to your tone

When you speak, the sound of your voice plays a more significant role in communication skills than you might think. The end goal with effective verbal communication is for others to be able to efficiently receive and understand your ideas, thoughts, opinions, and updates.

To reach such a standard, the person you are talking to must be open to what you need to say. An individual can subconsciously or consciously tune you out due to the negatively perceived tone. Such a task of tonal control has its challenges because we hear our voices differently from external parties. That is why it is common for you to cringe at the sound of your voice when watching home videos. A compelling tone can be practiced by taking advantage of audio recordings. Recording your voice and listening to it can help you make the necessary tonal changes and exercise necessary adjustments for real-life applications.

  1. Actions speak louder than words

In addition to your tone, your body language can decrease the value in words you speak by sending off an entirely different message. Enhance your non-verbal communication skills by maintaining good eye contact and being cautious of your facial expressions, gestures, stance, and silence. Bringing awareness to those areas alone will assist in escalating your abilities.

  1. Avoid judgment

Open communication factors into good business exchanges. To practice open communication, professionals should avoid judgmental thoughts or actions. Choosing to have a lack of understanding towards another person during a conversation can feed into your words, tone, and body language. It can easily keep others from wanting to engage with you at all.

About Adam Ferrari

Chemical engineer Adam Ferrari developed his own company, Ferrari Energy, to educate landowners on how to manage their acreage best. A chemical engineer by degree—he graduated magna cum laude—he also has experience in finance from his time at an investment banking firm. Under his leadership, his company made meaningful donations to organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Freedom Service Dogs, Denver Rescue Mission, Coats for Colorado, and Next Steps of Chicago.