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Ferrari Energy Describes 5 Ways Small Businesses Can Keep Burnout from Ruining the Company

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Running a small business might seem like an exciting prospect, living life as your own boss, but it takes a lot of time, work, and the ability to wear multiple hats. It is common for a small business owner or entrepreneur to feel the pressure to work all of the time, especially when the business generates your income. Unfortunately, such a busy and stressful lifestyle mixed with an unpredictable future may contribute to the feeling of burnout, which can lead a small business into a downward spiral.

Ferrari Energy, a company bootstrapped by entrepreneur Adam Ferrari, has grown to become a leader in the mineral and leasehold acquisitions space. The company recognizes that it is not always a poor team or bad idea that can tank a company, but rather burnout. Below, Ferrari Energy shares five ways small businesses can keep burnout from ruining the company. 

1. Change the Scenery

Working from home was an option for some before the pandemic, but now, just about everyone was forced to stay home and work due to social distancing and public health precautions. As more businesses begin to open up, it is a good idea to change up where you work, especially if you have a crammed day. 

2. Take Breaks

Avoiding burnout means not working yourself to a level of exhaustion, which shows how important it is to take a break from work. Time off can be practiced in multiple ways, and integrating all of them into a work-filled career will prove beneficial in the long run. Stepping back for a few twenty-minute breaks a day will keep stress levels lower. Establishing specific work hours helps entrepreneurs recognize cut-off times for work daily.

3. Make a Plan

Stress from not having a clear plan of action can contribute to burnout. Not staying on top of basic business administration duties or not having a priority to-do list for the day can lead to stress and distractions. Consider bringing on a virtual assistant to help with scheduling, planning, and other administrative functions to lighten the workload.

4. Find Balance

Finding balance is not easy, and it takes discipline and practice, but the reward is significant enough to keep a small business going for many years to come. Seeking balance with things that can easily trigger stressors such as a workload, amount of time working in a day, and work versus off-time is an excellent mindset to focus on and incorporate daily. 

5. Lighten the Load

There are two ways that an entrepreneur can lighten their heavy workload to avoid burnout, and they both require the mental practice of realizing when and how to let go to gain control. Delegating specific tasks to either other people or organizations can take a considerable weight off an already packed schedule. Learning how to say no to new work when already working with a full plate is also a great way to stay away from overworking. Too often, small businesses take on more than they can handle, whether that be clients or tasks, and quickly lose control of managing a proactive plan.  

About Ferrari Energy

Ferrari Energy was founded in February of 2014 in Denver, Colorado, and completely bootstrapped by Adam Ferrari. Since then, Ferrari Energy has grown and conducted business across the United States, in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and North Dakota. Its portfolio includes more than 2,500 unique acquisitions that accounted for over $150 million of deployed capital. The acquisitions included minerals on non-operated leasehold, and all the company’s clients consistently received premium value for their transactions.