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Ferrari Energy Discusses Negotiating at Work and How to Achieve Win-Win Solutions When Relationships Matter

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Negotiating is a significant part of business, but it does not have to uphold the stereotypical conception of being adversarial. Negotiation is a process of resolving individuals’ differences which can be done proactively when utilizing positive negotiating practices, otherwise known as win-win techniques.

Family-owned private oil and gas company Ferrari Energy states that negotiation skills are vital to have as a business leader inside and outside the company’s walls. Sometimes, the head of a business will have to step in to help negotiate oppositions occurring in the workplace to find common ground between needed relationships. Ferrari Energy reveals several tips, strategies, and win-win techniques to help prevent burning bridges inside the workplace below.

Win-Win Negotiation Defined

What is a?win-win negotiation? Win-win techniques are used where the ultimate goal is for all parties involved to walk away from their differences with a mutual agreement that everyone sees as a win. During a win-win negotiation, both sides of the table are explored to determine an outcome that includes what both parties want as much as possible. This type of negotiation does not take anything away from those involved but instead tries to fairly give and trade. Happiness for all is what win-win negotiation strives to deliver.

Key Intentions of Win-Win Techniques

Win-win techniques are best used when protecting essential workplace relationships because it focuses on?maintaining the relationship. This tactic also targets interests rather than positions, attempts to generate various options that offer gains to everyone involved, and pushes for an objective standard as the platform for the outcome.

To save the relationship at stake through win-win negotiation, it is critical to separate people from the problem. Put personality differences on the sidelines and hone in on the issue at hand. Try and keep out any negative vocabulary labeling those in the disagreement as opponents.

“It’s crucial to remember to keep an open and flexible mind, maintain a calm demeanor, and engage in active listening to help with your decision-making process,” said?Adam Ferrari, founder and CEO of Ferrari Energy.

Understanding each person’s position is essential to know, but it should not be the sole focus. Rather than allowing the focus to be on the positions, shine the spotlight on interests. A person’s interests like responsibilities, values, needs, cultural background, worries, and status might play into their perspective on the matter. Navigate people away from pointing a figure or assigning blame and allow the conversation to focus on considering and recognizing influences from interests.

When coming up with a solution to the problem, start brainstorming multiple ideas so that both sides are working together to find common ground that both want that meets all?shared interests. The result is most beneficial if based on an objective standard rather than a common approach of confrontational bargaining.

About Ferrari Energy

Ferrari Energy was founded in February of 2014 in Denver, Colorado, and completely bootstrapped by Adam Ferrari. Since then, Ferrari Energy has grown and conducted business across the United States, in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and North Dakota. Its portfolio includes more than 2,500 unique acquisitions that accounted for over $150 million of deployed capital. The acquisitions included minerals on non-operated leasehold, and all the company’s clients consistently received premium value for their transactions.