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Ferrari Energy Founder, Adam Ferrari Offers Seven Tips That Will Help Anyone Who Struggles with Perfectionism

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Some of the most innovative business ideas never make it past a brainstorming session due to a destructive, irrational, manipulative mindset called perfectionism. No human is perfect, but those who suffer from perfectionism find themselves striving for the impossible. Individuals who struggle to complete assignments, fall victim to anxiety, or suffer from low self-esteem often come up short due to perfectionism.

Adam Ferrari became recognized as both an engineer and an impactful leader and businessman after deciding to launch his startup company, Ferrari Energy. He accomplished his company’s market introduction and growth without any outside help, a feat he remains proud of to this day. As once a perfectionist himself, Ferrari is familiar with the mental hurdles that perfectionism can build. Below, the successful entrepreneur gives seven practical tips for breaking free from perfectionism.

Tip #1: Get to know your why

Learning how to resist perfectionism can be an exhausting mental challenge. By breaking down the reasons why you feel the need to be perfect in everything you do, you allow yourself to simplify your journey toward restoring faith in yourself and your abilities.

Tip #2: Set realistic goals

Being perfect is already an unattainable goal, but perfectionists set goals and deadlines that are difficult to reach before even getting started. Dial back the fantasy and start with baby-steps towards obtainable goals.

Tip #3: Do not be so hard on yourself

Rather than beating yourself up for your flaws, try practicing self-compassion. Being kind to yourself will fill up your long-awaited empty cup of self-confidence. Strive to accept yourself just as you are during times of imperfect feelings.

Tip #4: Connect with others

The perfect environment for a perfectionist requires solitude, peace, and silence. However, perfectionists need to connect with others and relate to parallel perfection issues to see that they are not alone in the fight.

Tip #5: See growth, not failure

Seek the beauty of learning from your mistakes to diminish the fear of making them. Mistakes are a good thing for perfectionists to experience, as errors can help them avoid losing control of emotions over unpredictable events in the future. Perfectionists who learn to accept mistakes and continue forward find more fortune when building on an innovative idea or starting a business.

Tip #6: Enjoy the journey

Anxiety can quickly spark when the outcome of a situation becomes more critical to a person than the actual process. Such a mindset can generate procrastination or overall avoidance of a task. Try adopting a present-tense psyche that keeps your mind off of the future.

Tip #7: Stop the comparison game

Social media can be detrimental to a perfectionist. Comparison of abilities, lifestyle, or even looks will dampen already low self-esteem. Do yourself a favor and take a break from your accounts.

About Adam Ferrari

Adam Ferrari is a chemical engineer and is the founder of the mineral acquisitions company, Ferrari Energy, based in Denver, Colorado. One of his company’s notable achievements was providing over 2,000 unique landowners’ divestment and lease opportunities on their respective lands. He was originally trained as a chemical engineer, a degree that he completed magna cum laude. After graduation, he entered the business sector, where he gained significant experience in both finance and investments.