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Ferrari Energy Reveals How to Strengthen Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Teams

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Every aspect of a company is essential, but sales and marketing are the power teams that build the brand, create awareness, stimulate business growth, generate new business, and bring in revenue. Unfortunately, when a company does not strive to align its sales and marketing teams, annual revenue can stagnate or even decline. Sales and marketing misalignment is the number one reason why an organization fails to find business profitability, resulting in its revenue being the victim. 

Ferrari Energy, a mineral and leasehold acquisitions company, points out that understanding how to optimize the relationship between sales and marketing teams should be a priority for businesses seeking long-term business profitability. Here, Ferrari Energy provides insight on how to enhance alignment between the two vital departments. 

Openly Communicate Goals

The first step to strengthen alignment between sales and marketing teams is to practice and apply open communication and share goals. Sometimes sales and marketing teams forget that everyone in an organization is working towards the same company goals. That is due to the common issue that teams tend to have tunnel vision towards their operations and success rate. Marketing teams are used to seeing objectives in generalizations, such as the amount of generated leads. On the other hand, people who work in sales are more focused on their individual ability to close accounts. 

Address Any Tension

Many companies deal with the tension between marketing and sales teams. People in marketing can often get negative feedback and blame from those in sales when the sales team is not closing new business, as they believe that marketing is not doing a good enough job generating quality leads. Marketing can point the finger at sales and say that sales cannot close deals when new business is not being generated. When tension like this surfaces, it should not be ignored but rather addressed to build a stronger connection between sales and marketing teams. 

Meet as a Team

Companies have to give marketing and sales teams opportunities to work together to build strong alignment. This might mean marketing and sales teams meeting regularly. The teams can meet together to share goals, strategize, ask questions, and review processes to see if there are new ideas for better outcomes. It is also a great way to discuss where the market stands, customer feedback, and consumer trends. Setting up an ongoing group chat between sales and marketing teams will also help keep the conversation going with working together as a big team. 

“Having marketing and sales work together as a team allows for them to share certain objectives rather than have just their parallel ones,” said Adam Ferrari, Founder and CEO of Ferrari Energy.

Execute Single Customer Journey

Aim for one single brand customer experience by connecting everything from a customer’s awareness stage to a customer’s loyalty stage. That way, the entire customer experience is tied into one incredible experience. Both sales and marketing teams then can track a potential customer across the complete funnel.

About Ferrari Energy

Ferrari Energy was founded and bootstrapped by chemical engineering graduate Adam Ferrari. The company deals in mineral and leasehold acquisitions and is based in El Segundo, CA. Mr. Ferrari has become recognized as a capable engineer, an accomplished businessman, and a philanthropist. With the achievements and successes of Ferrari Energy, the company was not only able to support landowners but also keep close ties to the Denver and Chicago communities. Annual donations to non-profit organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, Freedom Service Dogs, Denver Rescue Mission, Coats for Colorado, and Next Steps of Chicago are just some of their philanthropic efforts.